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              Date: 2018-02-02   Hit: 2569

              Project introduction:

              Jiaxing City help Equipment Technology Co. Ltd., located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, south of Hangzhou, north of Shanghai, convenient transportation. The company has the advanced production equipment and the first-class scientific research team, the product production technology is leading, the quality is exquisite.

              The company is bound to use existing technology to automatically roll goods, according to the demand of modern logistics, the latest research and development of a new generation of "help from" (LEBON) to automatically roll goods bundled, creating a new way to replace the bundle, bundle of traditional pattern, fill the gaps in the domestic market, the the national patent, and provide powerful support to modern logistics. The products are widely used in all kinds of cars, SUV, the rear box of the van, as well as the van, carts, forklift and pallets.

              1. Product characteristics:

              1. can bind the goods at any position within the length of the bundling.

              2. in the process of use, due to the linkage of ratchet, coil spring and lock piece, the tighter and tighter the goods, so that the loosening of the goods can be prevented.

              The 3. manual structure can easily release the lock function and facilitate the unloading of the goods.

              4. after the use of the bundles can be automatically collected, easy to collect.

              In the daily car driving on the way, the car collision starting, braking, turning, climbing and downhill driving action will cause the trunk of goods, not only will cause the loss of the goods, it will produce huge impact sound, thus affecting the driving state, if it is fragile and valuables, or drinks that break down and cause the consequences will be more serious. This kind of product effectively prevents this kind of situation, and has made great success in the foreign market.

              Two, investment advantage:

              China's patent products, the best selling products in foreign markets, do not need large investment, market protection, deposit can be refunded, no need for shops, large warehouse and other inputs. Product prices have a certain protection, and ensure the advantages of a wide range of promotion. In the early period of promotion, the company provides certain support.

              Three. The conditions for investment:

              1. be engaged in auto industry related work experience, have a certain ability to work and social resources, work hard working, high school diploma or above, at the age of 25~45.

              2. auto and computer equipment to facilitate the promotion of product display.

              Four. Agent sales area:

              All the car beauty and decorating and cleaning shops, automobile 4S shops, auto manufacturers, banks, insurance companies and all the manufacturers that need this product, including cars, flatcars, forklifts and so on. Agents are not allowed to sell products outside the agency area. They are not allowed to sell products through network selling channels such as micro dealers or e-commerce providers or sell on the Internet through third parties. All the national chain car beauty and decorating and cleaning shops, automobile 4S shops, automobile manufacturers, banks, insurance companies and other manufacturers that need the product (including trucks, flatcars, forklifts) are not subject to the restriction of the agent area.

              Five. The requirements for investment:

              1. agent only car decoration beauty and cleaning shop to complete the distribution agreement in the proxy region can be a short period of time to reach about 100.

              2. the agent must help dealers to complete more than ten thousand sets of sales per year in the agency area.

              Six. Company support:

              In the early stage of promotion, the company gave the agent publicity pages, brochures and posters and other data support.

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